Rare 1976  Queen poster Night at the Opera

Rare 1976 Queen poster Night at the Opera

For sale. Last few remaining very rare banned Queen Poster. They are rare and getting rarer. Because we have so few left, we are raising the price on each poster sold. They are in near mint condition. They have been carefully stored rolled up and have never been folded. There are some small tears on the edges. It was pulled from tower record stores two days after they were delivered. Night at the Opera 1976. My sister the fashion model was contacted by photographer Philip Dixon to shoot this poster. The poster went up in Tower Records and was pulled down in two days because they were considered obscene. They never reprinted them. They destroyed the ones in stock. There are precious few left. I have looked long and hard on the interwebs over the years and we have only seen one of them owned by a collector. I found one other for sale and we think it was the one we had sold. The only reason why we still have a couple is my father in his infinite wisdom managed to hang on to them over the years. (Thanks Dad!) My sister and I split the proceeds on this sale. Dimensions of the poster are 35 inches high. 22 inches wide.
1050 USD